Three Tips to Increasing Daily Productivity

Do you ever find yourself unmotivated to do anything? Then maybe you need to practice techniques that help you become more productive. As a full-time student, entrepreneur, and, diversity activist, time management and being productive is something I have to master to stay afloat. In this post I will go over my top three tips on how to be more productive, specifically the benefits of waking up early, doing things habitually, and breaking up tasks in short spurts. 

#1 Waking Up Early

One good way to be productive is to wake up early. According to Linda Andrews (2018) who specializes in health, wellness, and psychology, waking up early and doing activities that increase your wellness increases your chances of a healthier life, thus enabling you to be more productive as you’ll be more energized and focused. For example, try waking up an hour earlier every day, you’ll have an hour extra to do something that can benefit you, like exercising or preparing a healthy meal. Now that we’ll practice waking up early, what should we do with our extra hour? 

#2 Form Habits

One thing we can do with our extra hour of the day is to form good habits that will help us be productive. By forming good habits you train your brain to perform activities that are subconscious, thus becoming part of something you just do without thinking (Reynolds, 2017).  For example, I wanted to live an active lifestyle, however, I always dreaded physical activity.  I knew that in order to live an active lifestyle I had to make it a part of me, something that I don’t think about and just do. I started placing my running shoes in front of the bedroom door. Every time I wake up and see it, it triggers me to put it on. Because I have an hour to spare I go outside for a (now) routine run. When I return from my run I am rewarded with a feeling of accomplishment and the runner’s high. Now, going on a morning run is something I just do without thinking. It has become a positive habit, a part of me that I subconsciously do.

#3 Breaking Up Tasks In Short Spurts

 Finally, my last tip and favorite one for increasing productivity is to break up tasks in short spurts. According to popular psychology, your brain is most productive when you focus on one task at a time and in short spurts so that it can rest to re-energize itself and prepare for the next task at full power (Perry, 2018). A good way to practice this is to set a timer for 25 minutes and focus on one activity. Don’t check social media, email, or text messages during this time and only focus on the activity you dedicated yourself to. You will find that you will get a lot more done and you feel better once you have small wins as your brain will reward you with small doses of dopamine for the accomplishments that you have completed. 


Waking up early, forming good habits, and breaking up tasks in small spurts are three essential tips for increasing your productivity. By waking up at least an hour early, you are already ahead of past versions of yourself as you have an extra hour to do something productive. By forming good habits you’ll do things that will add value to your life without thinking about it.  And lastly, by breaking up tasks in small spurts you maximize the power of you brain. Being productive does not have to be a daunting task, by sticking to these tips, being productive will become effortless and you are on your way to becoming a go-getter. 


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