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“You are a great friend.” That’s what we keep telling ourselves. But deep, down beneath the surface of our skins, we know it our bones that there is something between us that blurs the lines between lovers and friends.

Both of us think that this is just our imagination, and we create excuses and phony circumstances to avoid the awkward situation that will inevitably dawn upon us. Must we play this love game? Neither of us is willing to submit to our heart’s desires because doing so we believe will weaken our image. But in all actuality, it will strengthen our souls. If only we could swallow our pride and let our hearts speak, then maybe we can overcome the awkwardness.

But I understand nothing comes without a price.  You know as well as I do that this option won’t be pretty, as hearts will get broken, and friendships will be torn. But would you rather continue loving each other behind prison glass, constrained by the barriers that limit us? Or would you rather break these prison walls and burst with emotions that flourish with vivid colors and bright flashes of warm lights?

The burden is on both our shoulders. In one had we can remain still, stagnant in this silent torture. On the other hand we can create chaos and see how far and where it’ll take us. It’s a risk, but everything in life is a risk. The choice is yours I’ve made mine. But I won’t tell you what it is.

This is our perfect dilemma.