By Dru Macasieb Visions of love Everyday Imagining you and me Dancing the night away Butterflies in my stomach All the time Me helpless ‘Cause you’re always stuck in my mind I see you every day But I can’t figure out What to say Breathless This is how I feel My heart aches That’s how …

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If Ever

By Dru Macasieb If ever we should cry, Over one silly mistake, Would you spare this heart, So it cannot break… If ever we find ourselves, Fading away, Would you run to my arms, And convince me to stay… If ever we can’t be, And must depart, Will you try to see, Why you’re stuck …

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By Dru Macasieb Frozen hearts don’t break, They can only melt, No emotions it takes, True pain it has felt… Hearts that have been spoiled, Are hard to ripen back, Their roots must be soiled, And love must not lack… Hearts made of stone, Are hard to get through, Their pasts are unknown, But they …

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By Dru Macasieb Tonight, I want to give my love to you, I wanna get it on, I wanna kiss you girl, And if we stop, I know it would be wrong… So don’t pull back, The love is flourishing in me, And you can release it all, Eat it eternally, Girl, you make the …

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