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By Dru Macasieb Visions of love Everyday Imagining you and me Dancing the night away Butterflies in my stomach All the time Me helpless ‘Cause

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I Am Dru

By Dru Macasieb I am Dru. I wonder why, I hear cries, I see heartache. I am Dru. I pretend I am in love. I

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When I Felt True Pain

By Dru Macasieb I gave you all of me, The best I can bring out, But you crushed my dreams, Reasons, explinations without. You took

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If Ever

By Dru Macasieb If ever we should cry, Over one silly mistake, Would you spare this heart, So it cannot break… If ever we find

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By Dru Macasieb Frozen hearts don’t break, They can only melt, No emotions it takes, True pain it has felt… Hearts that have been spoiled,

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Friend Next to Me

By Dru Macasieb How can this be, We were just friends, Just the other day, Now look at us, What do you have to say?

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By Dru Macasieb Tonight, I want to give my love to you, I wanna get it on, I wanna kiss you girl, And if we

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Cheatin’ On me

By Dru Macasieb Girl, I know you are cheatin’ on me… It is not that I’m going crazy. I know it is true, so face

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