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The problem is when I insert the template into a newly created page, I CANNOT EDIT the content of the newly created page because it MAKES ME EDIT the actual template. Which is not making sense.

If I save a page that I created as a template, and name it “Base Page”.
I then want to use this “Base Page” for Terms and Conditions, Cookie Policy, 2257, etc. basic pages.
When I then go to create The 2257 page, I insert the template, for me to add all of the 2257 page text, I MUST EDIT the template! Which changes the template (now the template has 2257 text) saved into the template.

Now, when I go to add new page, Terms and Conditions, insert template, the text is 2257 text. Now, if I edit text (of the template), it is not gonna be Terms and Conditions.. which now the 2257 text is NOW the last saved Terms and Conditions text. 

So what is the purpose of having a page template, that every time you need to use it, it FORCES you to edit the actual template? 

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