Opinion: We Need More Tech Companies To Be Visible In Their Support for Women In Cybersecurity

In case you’ve missed it, our parent organization, Women in Cybersecurity (WiCyS), has recently announced that Google has increased their engagement with WiCyS by becoming a Tier 1 strategic partner; joining players in their industry, such AWS, Microsoft, and Meta (formerly Facebook) and others (pictured below):

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Maybe I’ve missed something, but as a tech enthusiast and an actively engaged WiCyS ally, I have got to ask this burning question, “Why are some of the word’s most valuable tech companies missing from the above list?” I’m not going to call them out, but if you think this is about your organization, all I have to say is, if the the shoe fits…and you don’t like how it looks on the runway…then do something about it. 

I’m sure companies not listed in WiCyS strategic partner list do their own part in helping diversify the cybersecurity workforce. To those companies, have you considered how much more of an impact you could make if your efforts were more visible?

There’s a cybersecurity workforce talent shortage, and government agencies, private businesses, and individuals are facing cyber threats daily. Organizations, especially those in the tech industry, should be more visible in their efforts to mitigating cybersecurity-related risk by participating in corporate social responsibility efforts aimed at increasing our nation’s security posture, starting with addressing the talent gap. 

This is just my opinion, but if non-tech organizations, such as Home Depot and Starbucks, can see the value in becoming WiCyS strategic partner and have taken action towards advancing the presence and influence of women in cybersecurity, then so can others, particularly, in the tech industry.

Like an ethical hacker once said, “There’s more than on way to hack a system.” Advancing more women in cybersecurity is just one example of an effort that will dramatically improve our current state of cybersecurity. In the same token, financial contributions are also just one of an infinite number of ways, to take part in an effort that’s in the interest of everyone: closing the cybersecurity talent gap. 

With that being said:

What actions has your organization taken to help reduce cybersecurity workforce talent gap?

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