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This is site is under construction for for SEO, Analytics, Accessibility Upgrades

Welcome to Neodru Designs

Making the Web Clean, Simple, and Responsive one site at a time. 

I help people jump start their online marketing efforts by creating responsive, Search Engine Optimized, Google Analytics ready, Landing Pages using WordPress on Google Cloud Platform.


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my services

Web Design

Web design is concerned with how a site looks (user interface aka UI) and how the customers interact with it (user experience aka UX).

I create sites with the principles of design in mind, and a focus on web usability and user-friendliness. My design style can be descibed as minilistic, yet abundantly informative. I want users to be able to navigate a site with ease and recieve the information they seek effortlessly.
Graphic Design

Need digital assets? I can help you with logo design, vector art, Photoshop, brochures, digital video and social media ads. 

Brand Strategy

A brand is the essence of your company preceived by those who experience it.  I will help you strategically develop and communicate the value of your business. 

Content Marketing

I will stretegically create and distribute content that is relevant, valuable, and consistent with your brand so that you can attract and retain clients to meet your goals.

Web Development

 Web Development focuses on the complex systems that websites are built with. These include front-end development such as programming languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, as well as back-end development such as servers, databases, and progamming languages such as PHP.

This is the part of website creation that most people struggle with. But that’s why I am here, so you don’t have to struggle. 

Built On The Google Cloud Platform

Your website will be develop on an infrastructure that has its own private, global, fiber network. This means faster speeds and enhanced security.

Coded with Marketing in Mind

Your website will be developed with SEO, site analytics, and accessibility in mind. No need to learn coding as I handle all the programming.

Website Administration

Don’t worry about the complexities of managing a website. I’ll take care of all updates, security patches, site backups, and upkeep.

My Process


Define your brand. 


Then, I design. 



Next, I develop.


 Then, we deploy. 

About Me

Dru Macasieb, MBA, MAOL

 I am a life-long learner, educator, web designer, content creator, graphic artist, entrepreneur, student, and a proud U.S. Army Combat Veteran. 

I earned my Bachelor of Science in Web Design and Development from the School of Graphic Arts at Independence University. 

I am still enrolled at Independence University, but this time at the School of Technology, earning my Bachelor’s of Computer Science in Cybersecurity and Networking.  




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