Letters to You

In 2016 I went through a horrible break-up. These are my letters to you.


By Dru Macasieb Jaded love he grew tired of A heart so confused he can’t feel Restless struggle Reactive guilt Ocean of pride Dead Inside

Heart Versus Mind

By Dru Macasieb My mind knows that there is no hope But my heart still hangs on For some reason, my heart thinks that love will bring us back together My mind knows that it can’t because what we once were can’t be replicated. My heart wants to fight. While my mind imprisons the urges.


By Dru Macasieb I wish we can just put a bandage over it. And carry on As if nothing happened I can’t because The blood seeps through The pain dissipates The scar is wide open A constant reminder Of how I let myself go

Unthinkable thought

Why did you to make me hate you? The one thing I never thought I could do, I did because you brought me so much anguish. Now all i can think about how happy I would be when the day you die arrives. You are a disgusting, heartless, horrible, waste of atoms.

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