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Plagiarism is a crime.

After reading the section on using research, particularly quoting, paraphrasing, and summarizing, I was able to understand the difference between the three and how to properly use them. Exploring through the Purdue website, I found that quoting can be a bit cumbersome process compared to paraphrasing and summarizing.  Quoting requires specific rules such as:

  • including the author, year, and page number
  • using paragraph numbers for quotes on website
  • using block text for quotes of more than 40 words

I feel that as a student it would be easier to paraphrase and summarize a thought or idea as I would not have to remember all these rules (less chance of error). Besides, I think quoting is an easy way out for using up word and page count requirements.  

After watching the video on I am amazed at the technology used to detect plagiarism. My only concern is, what if I accidentally plagiarize? Sometimes, reading, learning, and doing research, I find myself saying things that I have read or heard, but feel like its my own thoughts. 

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