Issues in Information Technology

In conducting research for laws regarding computer webcams and microphones to spy on someone, there isn’t much information specifically on that subject. This is most likely because there has’t been much discussion about computer or cyber law because law makers cannot keep up with the rate technology is progressing. The courts have to rely on other laws that are broken while webcams and microphones are being used. For example, if a person were to spy on another, legally nothing may happen unless the spy uses information to their advantage, for instance opening credit or to defraud another company ( Legal Resources, 2014).

Another issue closely related to this is cyber stalking. There are probably no laws against cyber stalking; rather it falls under stalking. This type of crime is becoming more and more main stream because the internet provides a measure of anonymity. A stalker can sit back in the comfort of their home and watch everything that goes on in sight of that web cam.

In short, there are no definite cyber laws just yet, instead of translate the crimes that happen into real world crimes.

References Legal Resources. (2014, March). What Does the Law Say About Using Someone’s Webcam or Computer Microphone to Spy on Them. Retrieved from

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