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A vision board is a tool to help one visualize their goals. It includes pictures, images, and words of things you want to accomplish or get in life. One of the most powerful mind exercises you can do is visualization (Rider, 2015). Therefore, creating a vision board will help guide you towards the goals you have constructed on the board. I believe visualization is a powerful tool. When I was in the US Army, I worked as a vehicle mechanic. I’d always bang my knuckles working on trucks and I’d go home smelling like oil and grease. I remember telling myself and visualizing that my next job would have me wearing a business suit and be in an air-conditioned room. After I get out of the army I worked in retail management. I bought a business suit even before I need one. I kept visualizing my self in it. Before I knew it, I was wearing that suit in my first teaching gig. Although I didn’t create a board, I was still able to visualize what I want to look like in my career. I think visualization, especially seeing your self in the future is a powerful tool.

Your mind responds strongly to visual stimulation, so by representing you goals with images, one will actually strengthen and stimulate emotions that are the vibrational energy that activates the law of attraction (“How to create an empowering vision board,” n.d). I am a believer that the energy you attract is the energy you give off. For example, by thinking of positive things, you will attract positive energy. Therefore by thinking of the things you want, you will eventually get it as you are attracting it.

In regards to my vision board. I want to travel the world. I specifically want to go to Greece, Italy, Brazil, and Japan. I want to attend music festivals around the world including Burning Man and Tomorrow World. I want to finish my Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Arts and eventually finish my Ph.D. in education.


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