Month: June 2016

2 Choices

By Dru Macasieb I turned my anger in to words And with each stroke of my pen The madness bled away Writing words to a friend The darkness became gray Now I stand with two choices to be made Letting go forever Or Drowning in the Hate

Read this when you are sad

You are an amazing person. You are loved. You’re good looking, fun, kind, and accomplished. You potential for greatness is infinite. You inspire those around and make them happy. Don’t let others negatively let you down. The sadness you feel, is not real, it’s just the empty space waiting to be filled with happiness.

Tumble Weed

You hurt me, in ways I can’t imagine that someone is capable of doing, especially someone I once considered a friend.  But I understand what people will go through to get what they want. In the end, it’s one’s own happiness that is important. I don’t know what I did to you, for you to …

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It’s either you or me

I never was jealous until my trust was broken. The only way I cannot be jealous is to destroy this bond we have. What does that mean? I can no longer be close to you. My love for you I have to destroy. For if I don’t. It will destroy me.


I have accepted the fact that you want to be alone. You need to experience life with no restrictions and boundaries, you need your Dru Gone Wild moment. I must admit, it has not been easy for me these past days. I’ve had my ups and mostly down. It’s mostly because I’m not used to …

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