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I am a life-long learner, educator, proud veteran, and tech enthusiast on a mission to inspire and add value to others.

Because why not? 

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Create Your Vision Board

A vision board is a tool to help one visualize their goals. It includes pictures, images, and words of things you want to accomplish …

Apache Versus Microsoft IIS: Which Web Server is Better?

By Dru Macasieb Two of the most popular web servers are Apache and Microsoft Internet Information Services IIS). The function of a web server isto …

The Four Components of Emotional Intelligence and How I Use Them

By Dru Macasieb Do you think you are emotionally intelligent? I used to think I was very emotionally intelligent, that is, until I truly learned …

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Navigating the Internet Using Fact Checking and Unbiased​ Sources

In today’s digital world, it is getting much more difficult to navigate digital media as it’s riddled with disinformation and misinformation.


  For California College San Diego Students Only! At CCSD we have a lot of resources to help you achieve academic success, all it takes …

How keeping a journal will improve your life

If you’d don’t know where you are, you can’t get where you’re going. 

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